First Blog – Synchronizing things up !

Starting up with my first blog ever, i would like to give a very quick intro of myself and also the concept of “Meri Gaadi Blog” and my initiative behind this.
My name is Tejen Dhankhar and i am a mechanical engineer. Since the day i was born, being brought up in a Hindustan Ambassador (also know as Morris Oxford worldwide)  from hospital to home, i was into cars. Anything that had wheels caught my attention. Being a ’90s kid i saw a great revolution in Indian economy and witnessed some of the life changing automotive changes in the lives of Indians. Years passed and i started reading and digging out how things worked out and how the piece of a non living material excited me out. I love to write and want to combine my automotive knowledge (which is so vast and so much that i could make a car that could travel in space and blah and blah…..) jokes apart, what i want is to spread the true essence behind the automotive world that how important it is and how much time and craftsmanship and minds it took to reach here and still isn’t stopping.
I chose the name “Meri Gaadi” that means “My Car” because it signifies the first person who would be reading my reviews or posts and choosing themselves a car that they would own for a time. SO it’s their car, therefor, “Meri Gaadi”
I would also indulge my photographic skills in future and also post photographs to help making my posts and reviews more informative and user friendly and ultimately time saver too!
Ladies and gentlemen, an era has begun, and i am your new master…. hahahahaha…. just kidding. Thank you everyone for reading and wasting your time.


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