Petrol Car vs Diesel Car

What to buy?
What to buy?

Petrol  Car vs Diesel Car

Well, this is a question that is striking every new buyer’s mind each day while buying a car for themselves. But how can you simply compare a petrol car with a diesel? I mean that’s something irrelevant.
Gone are the days when diesel motors were only fitted into commercial vehicles and they sounded ridiculous too! Those motors were crude, underpowered, and highly critical in terms of maintenance and were a totally bad idea to be used in passenger vehicles. Well times changed and motors became refined. With passing time came in the, new engine materials, new cranks, new pistons, new camshafts, engines got more refined and the redline of the diesels engines started to increase. They were now more easy to use, maintain and were efficient. HM made it in the great Amby and then followed The Padmini and later it just started to become a ritual to introduce a car with both petrol and diesel motors. But things, changed in late ‘90s when engine technology was reformed in India. Manufacturers started to introduce new small capacity engines which produced more power than ever. Turbocharging was the new future.
With passing time everything is changed for now and ever. Cars with diesel engines are now more efficient, maintenance free, more powerful than their petrol versions. Take the example of Suzuki Swift, it uses a borrowed FIAT 1.3 Lt diesel turbocharged that produces 75ps at 4000rpm and accelerates like a rocket, while the petrol Swift have a 1.2Lt naturally aspirated engine that produces 86ps on tap but takes 2seconds more from 0-100kmph mark than diesel version, despite of being more than 300kgs lighter!
Dimensions of Indian automotive market have changed and diesels are ruling. They sell more, they have more resale’s, they have more fan following.
But, wait a second! Are you thinking that I am taking side of a diesel?
Let’s take example of a petrol version of Swift. It gives a real world mileage of 15/16 kmpl while the diesel gives about 20kmpl plus. But take this side, Petrol version is a lakh plus cheaper than diesel motor that means if you have a running of 1000kms or less in a month or 10,000 kms or so in a year, your petrol costs and maintenance costs combined, will, take more than 3 plus years to cancel out the extra money and the service and the diesel costs of your Diesel Swift. That means if you are to buy a car and plan to use it nearly 10,000kms a year and also plan to keep it more than 3 plus years than all you should look for is the petrol car. They are refined, they are maintenance free, and they are peppy and hassle free. Petrol is the answer.
But there is a part of the crowd that would like to purchase a diesel even if they plan to utilize it less and keep it more than 3 plus year to themselves. Why?
Because diesel motors are torquey, they are fun to drive, the have instant power delivery.
But, even the petrol motors are torquey nowadays, like the FIAT T-Jet or the FORD Ecoboost motor. Your argument to buy a diesel becomes invalid here.
Think twice before buying. Buy wise drive wise.
Thanks for reading and wasting your time.


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