Safe Night Driving

Night Driving, an exaggerating experience.
Night Driving, an exaggerating experience.

Safe Night Driving

Now that’s a topic that I thought out to write about when I was driving myself in the dark yesterday night.
Darkness is a phenomenon to which every living creature is attached and feels insecure and uncomfortable into, leaving besides some creatures that have night vision technology attached in their eyes! And a normal human eye is never comfortable in dark, and especially the dark with low lighting or changing lights.
India is country well known for road accidents where 1 person dies on an average of 4 seconds in a road accident. It’s scary to know that while I typed the previous line one or two person died over the road! These road accidents include a majority of them happening over nights. SO what precautions to take to ensure a safe drive at night so that you can hug your kids after reaching home.


If you are driving a car by night, then please ensure these simple yet safe and sound tips to reach safely home:

> Keep your windscreen and mirrors clean. Clean windscreen and other glass area of car would lead to increased and safe visibility. A spotted and dirty glass would create glares and lead to spreading of light more. Always ensure to make the windscreen and ORVM’s clean, atleast!

> Driving on low beam. Although, many people don’t, but, try to drive on low beam. This is a rule that, if, followed can make a life difference. Low beam would result in increased visibility to oncoming traffic and also to you. Ultimately, a safe drive. Use high beam only when required, like over highways and blank road gaps (without street lights)

> Speed Limit. Keep your car into a speed limit. Decreased visibility in night leads to confusion and misconceptions even over the frequently travelled roads, thus, leading to fatal crashes. A speed limited car would come to a halt in a safe time and on the same scene, over speed can kill!
Drive slowly on less travelled roads, sudden bad patches of road and potholes can lead to misbalancing of car.

> Check your backseat of car before starting journey alone at night. This is something that can truly be a life saver and is most underrated point. An intruder won’t leave you an email before kicking in into your car. Always check!

> Keep your car well maintained mechanically. Any mechanical failures at night can be dangerous and hectic and could lead to a mishappening.
Also finding a support would be near to impossible or difficult in areas. Avoid that.

> Keep informing. If you are driving over a long route, keep informing your closed ones about your locations on every possible stoppage. Keeping them updated can help you out in a suddenly aroused situation.

> Drive responsibly. Driving a vehicle is a responsibility for your life and the life of other driving down the road. Drinking or consuming any other drugs before or during the drive is a serious offence and can lead to a serious loss of many lives. Be sensible, avoid that. Roll a joint and make a drink after reaching your place. Road is for driving, so, safety first!


Well it’s not recommended that you ride a bike, especially over a long route at night, but, if you are bound to be in such a situation go through some of these checks before:

> Safety first. Always wear protective gear and never ever discard a helmet. Buy good quality protective wear, because it’s your life and if you loose it, that wallet would be of no use!

> Properly checked vehicle. Always keep it in a mint mechanical condition. Any breakdown can cause trouble in nights.

> Drive slow and keep left on the roads. Try to move slow and steady because visibility over a two wheeler decreases considerably than a covered four wheeler. Keep it on low beam and avoid serious overtakes.

> Avoid unknown routes. Leave exploration to the daytime.

>Drive slow through towns. Sudden surprises can cause calamites to you and your vehicle.

> Always try to get a pillion or another rider with yourself. Riding alone can be adventurous but it’s totally a worthless idea that could result very unfruitful to you. Avoid that!

> And here too, never try to enjoy the ride after enjoying a good time! You know what I mean, right? Good.

Hope these simple steps can save your lives over our very “renowned” Indian roads and save your and life of others.
Thank you for reading and wasting your time.


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