5 Most Effective & Easy Performance Upgrades

5 Most Effective & Easy Performance Upgrades

5 Steps to be Fast and Furious
5 Steps to be Fast and Furious

Traveling through the traffic and you suddenly start hearing a loud exhaust heading towards you! You become excited and start to look around from inside of your car and suddenly a low slammed car with heavy modifications on passes you by with speed. You try to catch it up so that you could see the beast but your efforts are worthless and your engine goes out of breath. The car is gone!
Many people wonder, how a daily commuting car turns up so blistering quick and loud like a sports car. Well, all you need to do is reduce the weight!
Oh, not your weight but weight of your wallet!
If you have money to spend over modifications but not enough to buy yourselves a sports car, then, here are the 5 most effective steps to stand out in crowd and make you car lightning quick.


Air filters help make your car breathe better
Air filters help make your car breathe better

Think of your car as a human body, I might sound weird here though! A human body needs less oxygen while walking comparatively to the more oxygen required while running, same is the case with vehicles. In order to exhale more, perform more they need to inhale more and inhale fresh. The better the lungs the better the performance.
Performance air filters can be related to the lungs of the car. A performance filter allows the car to suck in more amount of air with clearing all the harmful particles that a normal car air filter could not, all in helping to the increase in air flow which further leads to more cooling and hence increasing efficiency and ultimately performance.
This is one of the cheapest and basic steps in boosting your car.


Besides of making your car sound good, exhausts help in performance
Besides of making your car sound good, exhausts help in performance

The exhaust here works in the process of exhaling for car. A free flow performance exhaust leads to out take of the combusted air with pressure by use of catalyzer’s. A catalyzer is made to sit before the muffler and after the exhaust manifold and creates pressure, thus, leads to outflow of air with velocity and hence gives more space to engine to breathe in or intake more air. This results in continuous cooling of engine and speedy flow of fresh air through the combustion process, hence, increasing power and performance of your ride.
These are a bit costly in terms but are a huge gain in performance and are well appreciated among the petrol heads and mod performance enthusiasts.


Suspension upgrades are a must to bind the power all together with balance
Suspension upgrades are a must to bind the power all together with balance

With more power the car needs to be more stable in order to utilize that power and be in control simultaneously. A pro set up for suspension is all you need to tame the power and balance together. A set of new coilovers would help make your ride rigid and low, although that could be a problem if you commute daily over bad roads because the race set up suspensions are made rigid and are very sensitive in terms of usage. One miss over a pothole and you may lead in breaking of suspension, but, if you want your rid to be stable than this is a “must have” installment in your ride to gain performance. A performance suspension set up can also lower your ride, thus, ultimately giving it more centre of gravity and hence increasing aerodynamics and performance.


Better wheels result in better high speed stability and control
Better wheels result in better high speed stability and control

A set of lighter alloys and wider rubber with less stance can get you rolling fast than you think!
A broad rubber is a “must” item that you would need while upgrading to performance level set up. Wider tyres from pro manufacturers like PIRELLI are best suitable for performance purposes and provide enough grip to hold road and make that entire horsepower to the road via tyres.
A lighter alloy from professional manufacturer like BBS are best suitable for such rubber and power together. A lighter alloy makes the tyre section less bulky and makes your ride more stable.
A thing to note down here is that such wheels need to be taken a lot of care while driving over unstable patches and bad roads. Even a lightest of the bumps, if, taken hard can lead prove heavy to your pocket. But they provide performance for that, who cares!


Turbocharger - the most effective way to increase power
Turbocharger – the most effective way to increase power

The most effective equipment that makes serious increase in number over the dynamometer from your ride. Turbocharger is basically a fan system that compresses fresh air through air filters and throws it forcefully into the engine during combustion. This forceful induction leads to cooling of engine and thus tremendous increase in efficiency and performance. The size of turbocharger also matters a lot, a small turbo won’t help you much while on other hand a very big turbo to the engine size, would lead to heavy turbo lag thus leading to dump in performance for a specific output and when it spools up it can cause mass destruction to the engine components.
A turbocharger is a costly product but the main reason behind keeping it at last number is the “fitment issue”. Turbo’s need professionals to be put up inside the engine perfectly, and finding a professional and making it work would be quiet costly. Also after market turbo’s have maintenance issues as most of them are imported, changing parts or replacing a turbo could be a hefty cost.
So fitting a turbocharger is a good option but can only be fruitful if done in a proper way.

So, these simple 5 upgrades are the most effective things that could bump up the performance of your vehicle.
Apart from these simple steps a few other changes from intercooler systems to new crankshafts to new pistons to new camshafts and many more can help in upgrading the performance of your ride.

Thanks for reading and wasting your time.


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