Wasting Money?

Wasting Money?

Are you spending your money right?
Are you spending your money right?

Most people buy car for commuting or taking the purpose in mind that they want to go from point A to point B comfortably. Well, every car solves that purpose, that’s what they are meant for. But, petrolheads don’t take things that way and characterize their ride as entity. They live their car. And by living, I, mean here is that they like to keep them updated and loaded. Many car lovers opt for accessories after buying a car. May it be heavy mods to simple door mats, they spend on their cars.
But, in all this mess, is there something that people don’t pay attention to? Wasting money over unnecessary accessories?
Here are some accessories that people would simply love to spend and are non beneficial and worthless! Have a look.


Use or No use?
Use or No use?

Well, people might think that aftermarket extra chrome grills and chrome stripes all over the body would make their car look more upmarket, it isn’t so. I fail to understand why people do so. A manufacturer has done well in developing a car over years and has made a design that goes perfect to their philosophy. Why ruin it?
Not the extra chrome looks cheap but it is also not of very great quality and goes out very short in time. Don’t waste money here.


Body kit, only for serious modifications
Body kit, only for serious modifications

I have seen cars with wide body kits, showing off that they are racer guys! Installing a new front bumper or a side skirt is nothing else than just waste of money until or unless you don’t have some real mechanical upgrades. If you just want to look cool by spending a lot of money then go for it but these things don’t count in resales and would just be a piece of junk when you sell your car.
Avoid them.


DRL's & LED's may look cool but are sotly to maintain & replace plus have no resales. Worth it?
DRL’s & LED’s may look cool but are sotly to maintain & replace plus have no resales. Worth it?

Your car manufacturer is not a high school fail pupil but are some highly talented bunch of people who knows what to design and what would be feasible to your car. Opting for LED’s might seem to be a good idea but in long term it ain’t. LED’s have clear visibility and more life (until you don’t break one) but are worthless. Your car maker made all the OEM items very accurately and if then don’t provide it that means it have a strong reason. Plus these things also don’t count in resales.


A good idea to make your car a moving DJ?
A good idea to make your car a moving DJ?

WE all love music, most of us though! Music rebinds soul and without entertainment it would be a nightmare to drive cars. But, installing very hi-fi and loud music systems, is it worth it?
Look at this side. Listening music is good, and sometimes we might like listening loud, but how often? You probably can listen to loud music like a few minutes or half an hour or hour a max? So what’s the point of installing a system above hearing capabilities? Unless you don’t think that you can get hot chicks in your car by such systems, it’s pointless to install such items. Also, you can’t play such systems with family trips(until or unless your parents also love hip hop) may it be a short trip or long highway. It’s kind of useless.
A good system is a must, but, something so loud and hi-fi like 18 speakers or so…. is pointless and worthless. Avoid such installments. Also when you sell your car, none of the accessories you installed count in! So what’s the point of loosing money?

Here, I might be loosing some points and many would be offended to my virtue but the thing is about owing a car. Nobody own a Swift for lifetime, if you have it, you will change it in years. Youth might find it interesting and cool but when it comes to practicality, such things don’t stand nowhere. So next time you plan to spend some money think twice between idiotism and need!
Thank your for reading and wasting your time.


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