Triumph Street Triple Review

Triumph Street Triple Review

A trademark in naked bike category Street Triple is something that every bike enthusiast craves for.
A trademark in naked bike category Street Triple is something that every bike enthusiast craves for.

I had been a huge fan of Europeans when it comes to engineering and designing, especially, when it all ends at automotives. I mean they are simply outrageous in the field. The execution quality levels and perfection levels are way beyond what most of the Japanese are still fighting to achieve. Well, leaving the topic behind that how they do it, here, I got a chance to find out how it feels to be, on, one of their masterpieces.
Triumph, a brand that needs no introduction even to a non-petrolhead, had been into two wheeler market since very first of them were ever made. From Britain with love, poured in a product back in 2007 that took away motorcycling enthusiasts drifting in the waves of love for this bug eyed street naked, manufacturing Street Triple.  The name is very simple to understand, here, “Street” is for street/naked motorcycle and “Triple” for their iconic Triple cylinder 675cc heart from the supersport goddess “Daytona 675”. Now ladies and gentlemen let me take you to journey of…… blah… blah…. Fuck it, I switched it on and bam!! Review below, read it.


Looks sexy as hell in every angle you look at !!
Looks sexy as hell in every angle you look at !!

Look at it and at first glance it’s plain beautiful. The British design, bug eyed headlamps directly whispers to your heart “I know you love me” feel !!

It’s sexy, slim, long and white just like any beautiful British girl (forget what I wrote here and do not tell about this to none)…

The bug eyed dual headlamps had been the signature thing for Street’s since past decade and Street hasn’t lost any of it’s design traits since then. Long golden 41mm up-down front forks added with the looks ensures that people stop by to look at you. Small front fender, perfectly put 17 inch Pirelli DABLO series ROSSO CORSA tyre and long handlebar with “Daytona” rear view mirrors make it look striking and beautiful at the same time. Little bit soft here, bike goes easy on eyes and nothing that you can’t digest.

The signature Triumph fuel tank has directly been carried away from the elder sibling “Daytona”. The underbelly ARROW slip on ensures you hear the finest inline 3 motor of this world, perfectly. Rear set footpegs are placed accurately but non adjustable though.

Slim, sexy, arousing. Notice the single seat and the Daytona fuel tank!
Slim, sexy, arousing. Notice the single seat and the Daytona fuel tank!
This thing is crazy.... Sounds insane!
This thing is crazy…. Sounds insane!

Single seat that had been the “Street’s” forte ever since it was introduced, remains present here. The seat ensures comfortable ride for the rider as well as the pillion, looks good too, goes with design.

Large grab rails are dissolved in the design and are very useful to the pillion especially during the enthusiastic riding.

Tail section is directly carried away from “Daytona 675” and looks good. 17 inch ROSSO CORSA Pirelli looks in size and makes bike more beautiful and elegantly unlike aggressive like a Z800 !

Tail section goes easy with rest of the design, derived straight from Daytona
Tail section goes easy with rest of the design, derived straight from Daytona


First thing to notice, quality of switchgear and execution of the manufacturer. Everything is just so typically “European” laid out! In the true British fashion, Street Triple has the best build in quality that you can expect from a manufacturer.

Wide handle, top notch switchgear, Triumph's forte
Wide handle, top notch switchgear, Triumph’s forte

Large handle bar comes with “Daytona” rear view mirrors. Feel attached to each button present on the handle bar is just outrageous. You just can’t find such fit and finish on any other Japanese motorcycle.

Handlebar is sporty as well as comfortable to hold on at the same time. Long runs, no problem sir!

Instrument cluster, again, has been carried away from the “Daytona” and is perfect to look at. Combo of analog tachometer and digital speedometer makes sure you didn’t miss any of the  classy touch from Britain merged with the fast and furious Japanese tech!

Great combo of design and tech together. Revs like a monster.
Great combo of design and tech together. Revs like a monster.

Absence of hazard warning light switch can be seen here, upsetting.

Rear view mirrors demand more glass area, very limited rear view, you just keep begging to god that no idiot slam into you in traffic!

Blue LED’s over the tachometer starts glowing when the rev’s climb up to the rev limiter, I bet you could never feel when you reached the limit!

A redline of 14,000 rpm is enough for the day.


I got up to the seat and climb was easy.

Switched on, and, the meter does a very fast check up (both analog and digital).

Engine kill switch on and press the start button. All 3 cylinders come alive. As you would expect a bassy growl form an inline 4, this British is high on treble than on bass. Low revs make you feel that you are riding a very sharp and less powerful bike.

ARROW does the duty to make your ears comfortable during ride
ARROW does the duty to make your ears comfortable during ride

Wait a second, rev up, and there you go! Things get melodious just when you try to twist the throttle. ARROW exhaust system is just the right thing what doctor ordered for the day.

This inline 3 motor with ARROW exhausts is one of the best you could ever hear in the motorcycling world, word.

Slide into first gear (the universal 1 down and 5 up pattern here) and you can feel the precise and effortless gearbox. Definitely made for streets. Release the clutch and you can smile all the way as soon as you release it!

The torquey motor that you had bee reading all day long over the other websites is just something to feel, it’s really full of torque. Rev up a little, let the things pass away the 6,000 rpm mark and you are in a world of your own!

Bike accelerates like a superhero in Marvel comics. And then the blue LED’s start glowing up insanely to tell you that it’s the limit for this gear ratio and please upshift.

Motor is super refined. If you think only an inline 4 can be refined, you need to try this!

There had been a lot of controversy about the power output of Streets being sold in India. Even the Triumph accepted that they sold detuned (87 ps) models her but later it was corrected.

On paper it produces a 107ps but some owners who took it to dynamometer found out there bikes producing a near about 100 ps! Sigh!!

Assuming it a 100 bhp street naked I revved it and rode it and never felt the deficiency of power at any stage.  Motor is refined and very engaging to the rider and revs craxily to the redline even before you know it. To support this there is this very helpful and confidence providing seating position that let’s you swing between power and comfort.

Brakes are good but not in competition of a Japanese. Front end comes with 310mm NIFFIN dual discs and the rear comes with a 220mm Brembo single disc. ABS standard here. Good.

NIFFIN at front end, pretty much good
NIFFIN at front end, pretty much good
BREMBO does the duty at rear end
BREMBO does the duty at rear end

Petal discs missing but you won’t feel shortage of braking anywhere, it’s just that the bite is not had and harsh as of a Z800, just saying!

At 183 kgs (dry) this motorcycle is light enough for streets.

One thing to notice is the turning radius. Much better than the rest of the segment. Even the height of the motorcycle supports short riders, so maneuvering in traffic is easy than you thought!


Take out and the ride is supple enough to make you smile at times. If you have ridden sporty Japanese, this Brit will definitely turn the tables on. Unlike the category, ride is stiff at times but not so stiff that you find yourselves slowing down to each undulation of roads.

The 4.7 inch front suspension updown reverse type suspension forks to be thanked over here. It just simply makes ride more and more kilometers as you proceed the time with her. Even a beat of 95 kg (dry) like me was comfortable over her!

Chassis balance is also good enough but not like a Z800 or any other Japanese motorcycle. Europeans are good on quality but lack the enthusiasm of a Japanese engineered motorcycle!

End of the day, bike is reliable, comfortable and sexy as hell.

Panache of the brand speaks up for itself.
Panache of the brand speaks up for itself.


At the end of the day it’ not about the money, it’s about the smiles per gallon not the miles per gallon, thing. It’s a fight between the heart and brain. A fight between the engineering masterpieces and panache of motorcycling pleasure. It’s a fight between furiosity and love. It’s a fight between the European perfection and the….. errrhhhh….. I’m pretty much out of words here, but, if you want a motorcycle to “enjoy” not just to “ride” all I can say is WELL DONE TRIUMPH.


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