Underdogs love rains !

“Rain rain go away come another day” is what many riders have started praying now.

It was raining heavy when the Moto3 race was flagged off, crashing riders, slow bikes and a few men with big balls to make them go fast in the weather. Although it stopped raining but MotoGP race was nevertheless entertaining as always.

Valentino Rossi took the lead as a starter course to make the die hard fans cheer when Andrea Dovizioso decided to overtake him and lead the pack for the most of the race.

Wet tyres, struggling riders, crashing bikes. While all of this took place, the track started to dry up and wet tyres started to make bikes more slower. Marc Marquez, who had secured pole position in qualifying, became the first one to change to an intermediate bike with slicks. Race line was dry but still it was a gamble that paid off Honda Repsol. A full flat 5 second faster than the rest of the pack, Spaniard kid won the race.

While he was in the jiffy of getting up in the position with the new bike, the front pack that included Rossi, Dovizioso, Miller were all indulged in themselves. Team mates signaling them to change the bike and they all continued. Maybe it was extreme enthusiasm but their decision of changing bikes altogether in the last laps proved to be a bad idea.

Star of the race for me would be Carl Crutchlow. British dude went shockingly crazy in the last laps of race and it seemed he had some kind of extreme alien possession over his mind and bike as well. Dude was so fast that it seemed others weren’t even trying to race him. First podium for him made him so happy that he went more crazy uttering out “I don’t think many others had the balls”.

There is a guy from Spain named Jorge Lorenzo who races for Yamaha Movistar, he was 15th. Superstar Rossi was 7th and HRC rider Dani Pedrosa finished 6th.

Surprisingly weird performances have started taking over MotoGP from last two races. Let’s see where is the championship headed to!


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