2017 Honda CBR1000RR SP : A melted ice cream that we waited for!


Honda has been testing the update for their liter class flagship super sportbike CBR1000RR & after a long time of testings and development it has came out through INTERMOT 2016 motorcycle show.

Been revealed, the new CBR1000RR SP, is not the bike that you were thinking of by going through the rumors and hyped scoop articles worldwide. Subtle update all over and that’s it. Yes of course to compete it is now lighter and powerful with electrical updates too but that’s it.

Rear end looks identical to the outgoing bike

Didn’t agree? Well, look at the bike first of all. It is changed but still uses the old design philosophy, especially at the rear end. All over the design has been made more sharper to increase it’s sex appeal but then again it’s still very subtle or shall i write predictable.

Japanese engineering degree holders have worked very hard to increase the power output by just 12 BHP and make it 15 KG lighter. Oh my! I mean it’s 2016 and most of the competitors are in 200 PS category and Honda people you still at 190 PS. Why?

Technically the new Blade has been adequately equipped

What i liked the most is the introduction of electronic aids like the multi-level traction control system, five-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU), Ride by Wire, and three ride modes. Also, Honda, has undertaken the motorcycle with RLC (Rear Lift Control) that helps the rear end to stay stable under sharp braking on tarmac. Cornering ABS, qucikshifter and downshift assist have also been embedded inside this new Blade.

Honda claims that they have increased the power to weight ratio by 14% comparatively to the outgoing bike. They are using magnesium and aluminium parts for engine casing & exhaust systems respectively.

Well, frankly speaking it’s going to be a great Honda product as ever. CBR1000RR had always been one of the most sensible and reliable products in the segment but 190 PS figure still don’t get me.

Yes on public roads even a 600cc is more than enough on power but that’s where they are not meant to be run. It’s the track days you know. A track demands skills and a powerful fast machine. Well, let the production roll and let the bike deliveries begin at the start of 2017 because that’s where we’ll get to know the real inside changes of this new Blade.

Oh, yes! Honda is also going to bring a SP2 which is sought to be a track machine unlike the SP shown here. We’ll wait Honda. Thanks.



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