Maruti Suzuki : Faster than Usain Bolt

I remember the launch of WagonR and how it took the country with storm, then came Alto, then Swift, then Ritz & then pretty much everything from the maker did the same.

No matter what they manufacture, it’ll sell like hot cakes & that’s a surety. Okay, look at the recent models. Vitara Brezza has just crossed the 50,000 unit sales mark in domestic market while the newly launched premium hatchback Baleno has completed 1,00,000 domestic sales.

So what it is? They are using the same Fiat borrowed diesel engine in every product, they have the worst NCAP crash test results and still every car your eyes manage to look around seems to be a Maruti.

Somebody banged into your car at a red light? Bumper gone off? Ah! 1500 bucks only sir.

Oh! Beautiful isn’t it? Baleno scored ZERO in NCAP carsh tests.

I mean yes, that’s how things are working out for Maruti. They are bloody cheap, very fucking cheap. Their cars are tailor made for Indians and the roads further made by Indians. Their suspension will take the hit of every pothole you thought it wasn’t there and so will their maintenance costs for every penny you thought you had in your wallet before you went berserk last night drinking beer.

A Royal Enfield motorcycle is costly to maintain in comparo to let’s say Swift diesel.

Well, it’s not true that everything they sell will be the king of the segment. Remember Kizashi or SX4 or the latest clown in the segment S-Cross. Well i won’t even call it a segment, Maruti made something so absurd that people are still confused in categorizing this as a “vehicle”.

But this is a fact and Mr XYZ you’ll have to accept that any segment below Rs 10 lakhs, they sell faster than Usain Bolt runs. Indeed king of sales sprints.


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