MV Agusta F3 800 RC Limited Edition : Orgasm guaranteed

Would you just look at these photographs? I mean this isn’t a motorcycle. This is the half naked orgasm goddess that possess the power of fainting you out while your are riding one. By riding, here, i means serious riding of it.

AMG owns 25% stakes in MV Agusta and this special edition is all about the ‘specialty’ that none of the other motorcycles provide at this point of time. Yes at Rs 19.73 Lakhs it is costly & yes only 9 bikes have been allotted to India while a handful of 250 will be made ever. But it’s worth it.

That ASS !

Jules Cluzel and Lorenzo Zanetti in the FIM Superbike World Championship rode the track version of this which belongs to Team Reparto Corse. They both have autographed all of these motorcycles with the special numbering on each of the bikes.

See this is what i love about India, people love to stand out here. Out of the only 9 that will ever be coming to country, 5 have already been booked!

798cc, inline-3 cylinder motor, liquid cooled, 150 PS & a top end of 269 KMPH is not exactly worth it for the amount you pay but it’s the exclusivity of the product and manufacturer. Painted red & white with ‘AMG’ special treatment all over, this is what every biker in world would love to masturbate to.

Got money? Book one please. And yes do expect me to be standing at your door day & night long begging me just to let me ride this once!


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