Rossi breaks leg; surgery soon!

Yamaha Movistar Team star rider, Valentino Rossi, has met with an accident on 31st August which resulted into broken right leg of his. A surgery will soon be conducted.

According to official reports published on MotoGP official website, 38-year old Valentino Rossi was involved in an enduro-race at his home made dirt track back in Tavullia, Italy, when he met with this horrifying crash which resulted into displaced fractures of tibia and fibula of his right leg.

He was immediately rushed to the ‘Ospedale Civile di Urbino’ for check up and further treatment. A detailed medical bulletin will be published by later evening today.

With this horrific crash it is now anticipated that Valentino Rossi is out of competition for being the 2018 MotoGP world champion. Being the oldest rider on track, he enjoys a supreme fan following and cult towards his team and now suffering from this injury; we expect the huge fan following to be stressed out and unhappy for the rest of the season.

Currently, Valentino Rossi stood on 4th position with 157 points while the championship is now led by Ducati factory rider, Andrea Dovizioso with 183 points in total. We hope Valentino Rossi a fast and healthy recovery.


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