Mahindra two wheelers to exit mass-market?

Mahindra has never been able to mark a special place in the ever growing two wheeler commuter market in India and now with the reports suggesting; Mahindra is willing to take off from the unresponsive commuter segment.

Mahindra has reported a loss of Rs 471 crores in two wheeler market and sales have considerably dropped 77% from April to July. Mahindra hardly shares 0.1% of the total market share and all this has made Mahindra to re-think about their strategies for Indian market.

Products like Centuro; which were launched to tackle the mass market, are failing miserably in front of the pre-established rivals like Hero, Honda. Mahindra agrees to the fact that the lower segment is monopolized by a few leaders and hence competing this segment is not worth.

Even a ‘Rockstar Edition’ failed to sell Centuro.

Mahindra is now focusing towards the more premium two-wheeler segment which contain bikes like Mojo. Mojo has done fairly well in comparison to the other products; hence focusing on premium market seems a good idea to company.

Despite being a good product Mojo still misses some equipment; Mahindra due for an update.

On the other hand, Mojo is due for an update and a much anticipated ABS version which was due for launch this year is still missing from market. Mahindra seriously need to reform their two-wheeler plans for market.


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