Royal Enfield Classic 350/500 coming with updates

Cult Indian motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield is soon going to bring up updated versions of Classic 500 & 350 soon into market. Changes will range from mechanical to cosmetic.

Classic 500

Royal-Enfield-Classic-500-Stealth-Black (1).jpg

Classic 500 will now be offered in a new ‘Stealth Black’ paint job. Most of the parts such as indicator housing, chain cover, battery box, headlamp cover, handlebar & wheel rim hubs will be painted in black. Rest of the body will feature a matte black pain; similar to the Desert Strom variant.

Mechanical changes will now include the carryover of swingarm and rear disc brake assembly from Thunderbird. Introduction of rear disc brake will help company deploying ABS in bikes; when it becomes mandatory by government.

Classic 350


‘Gun grey’ is what company calls it; a new paint scheme that will feature a gun metal texture of paint over body. New decals along with a dark tan seat cover will also be updated on the new model.

Mechanical updates will remain similar to the Classic 500.

With growing competition in market and different brands readying new launches to compete the monopoly of Royal Enfield in market is surely taking company by storm. We believe that these subtle changes won’t last long and a major reform is needed mechanically for all of the products that company offer.



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