Petrol & Diesel cars to be banned in China

With alarming pollution increment rates, China will soon be banning all the sales of petrol and diesel cars in country.

New agency Xinhua was officially informed by vice minister of transport Mr. Xin Goubin that China will soon get rid of petrol and diesel vehicles hence bringing up drastic changes to the future of automotive companies in China.

China has already imposed a 8% mandatory rule of selling EV’s; on each manufacturer till 2018 & the percentage will be increased afterwards to 12% by 2020.

Through this new law China would be able to witness at least 20% of cars to be sold by 2025 in the form of plug-in-hybrid or EV form.

Another major hit will go to international car makers like Land Rover, VW & Mercedes-Benz which will not be allowed to sell cars after the ban is imposed as they produce cars with the help of Chinese vendors.

European countries like France, UK & Germany have already told their plans to shut down the sales of petrol & diesel cars and now China will also be joining their league.

No date/year for ban imposing has been decided yet.


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